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Megatoys Book

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We were all children once, and our memories of childhood are usually associated with toys and games. So why should we be deprived of the joys of playing just because we are now adults? Mega Toys is a collection of objects, articles and places; a compendium of toys to enjoy now we are older. Many items produce great personal enjoyment because they transcend our daily lives and allow us to be different from everyone else. They are things which are characterised by being mega-different, mega-unique, mega-exclusive and, above all, mega-expensive.

Cars, motorbikes, yachts, private planes, jewels, destinations and luxury goods form a spectrum of alternatives we can enjoy and with which we can entertain ourselves. They are magnificent, excessive and have a demonstrable value, and all call for excellent, superior quality, distinctive touches, and in some cases, they are limited or numbered editions. We invite you to enjoy playing with Mega Toys.

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