Life in Colour National Geographic Photographs Book

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A stunning, vibrant and energetic celebration of photography and colour from National Geographic. Edited by Annie Griffiths who worked with NG on the gorgeous "Simply Beautiful" (over 13,000 copies sold in the UK to date). With chapters that follow the flow of the rainbow, "Life in Colour" explores the world through magnificent, intriguing and revelatory photography. Colour can soothe us, colour can energise us, colour can even wow us, and, as we all know, everyone has a favourite colour. "Life in Colour" is chock full of beautiful, amazing photographs - photographs guaranteed to make you look and smile - organised chapter by chapter according to their predominant colour. With a rainbow of images and with meditations and evocative quotes about colour throughout, this eye-pleasing volume is sure to appeal to a wide variety of people, most especially to women.
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