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Taxidermy butterflies - bring nature into your home for a unique look

Would you like a unique way to bring colour into your home whilst creating a talking point among guests? These gorgeous taxidermy butterflies in frames are the perfect piece of accent decor to lend a pretty, nature inspired touch to any room. You will fall in love with the gorgeous colours and unique wing patterns that complement your décor or provides that much needed pop. They are also ideal as gifts for the insect lover or amateur entomologist in your life; a framed butterfly from Trend Collections could be the inspiration that starts their next collecting passion.

Available in a range of sizes, species and colours, each of our framed butterflies for sale online has been lovingly prepared by an insect taxidermist to stand the test of time, and continue to look amazingly lifelike for many years to come. These items fit well with both classic and contemporary decor; see our blog for a little design inspiration.

We are able to ship framed butterflies Australia wide. For further information on any of our products, please contact us.

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